Heavy mineral sand processing site at the mouth of Currumbin Creek. Circa 1960.

Holiday campers happily co-existed alongside the sand processing facility in the early days.
Image courtesy: Neumann Group



Currumbin Minerals Pty Ltd is a family owned company heavy mineral sands producer based in South East Queensland, Australia. Primary products are Zircon, Rutile, Ilmenite, Synthetic Rutile and Monazite.

Initially known as Pacific Minerals established in 1948, then being renamed as Currumbin Minerals 1952, the Neumann Family have been involved in heavy mineral sand production for over 70 years.

Currumbin Minerals continues to produce high quality mineral sands products including Zircon, Rutile, Ilmenite and Synthetic Rutile and Monazite to both domestic and overseas customers.

Currumbin Minerals is licenced to import to its site mineralised sand for processing and separating and has recently built a new Gravity Separation plant to ensure high quality concentrate for its all-new and state-of-the-art Electrostatic and Magnetic Mineral Separating plant, which was completed and commissioned early in 2023.


Mineral-rich alluvial and marine sands are mined in the shallow marine environment by floating vessels that dredge up the sediments, and transport them via pipeline for stockpiling &/or processing. Many sand dredging operations are undertaken in order to keep clear shipping channels / berths and river outlets (“bars”).

The processing of the dredged mineral sands that separates out the heavy mineral grains from the silica sand is by using a variety of hydraulic gravity separation and magnetic equipment. The heavy mineral concentrate separated from the silica sand is then separated by electrostatic and magnetic separation to produce the end products. The end products are kiln-dried and bagged for transport and export.

Mineral sands are also found on land in sedimentary deposits that accumulated at times when sea level was much higher than it is today. These sediments are generally dry-mined (excavated), processed to remove the heavy minerals, and returned to the landscape, such that is reclaimed to its original topography. In some cases, sands are dry-excavated to facilitate building, construction or development works.


Titanium Oxide - TiO2


Zirconium Silicate - ZrSiO4


Iron Titanium Oxide - FeTiO3


Currumbin Minerals exports Rutile, Zircon & Ilmenite in a number of packaging options for shipping.

2000kg (2 metric tonne)

Rutile, Zircon & Ilmenite can all be supplied in 2000KG bulk bags on pallets.

40kg (25 bags / 1000kg per pallet)

Rutile & Zircon can be supplied in 40kg paper bags, which are palletised and can be plastic wrapped.

Both bulk bags and paper bags can be loaded and stacked in 20’ shipping containers (at customers request & supply) for no additional charge. 

Normal max shipping weights for 20’ containers apply.  The materials are too dense / heavy for 40’ containers.


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